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7 Resolutions that Every Employer Needs to Make in 2018



Resolutions that Every Employer Needs

Are you an employer? If you are, then have you made the resolutions for 2018 yet? No, not the personal resolutions like quitting smoking, taking your child to movies on every weekend.

I am talking about professional resolutions. Don’t be under the impression that such resolutions are only for your employees. The employer needs to make resolutions too.

What resolutions should you make? Well, that I am going to discuss here.

The benefit package

Employees fear they’d be laid off if they don’t work diligently and show commitment to their works. That’s bad for a company because experts hold a professional environment, in which the employees are overwhelmed by fear can never be productive.

The best way to assure your employees is encouraging them to use the entire vacation time in the benefits package along with other facilities. The workload is the key reason they don’t fully use the benefits package. Reduce the workload to the extent that it doesn’t hurt the business, and employees can rejuvenate themselves, and then get back to work with a renewed level of interest.

Give their time back

The 9 to 5 jobs are no longer from 9 am in the morning and 5 in the evening. Many workers, especially the ones who work in the call centers, reported their employers insist them to work for extra hours without paying them for overtime.

I advise you to keep the working hours between 9 am and 5 pm. don’t extend it if you want quality works for your employees. Look at what Sweden is doing. The country has recently introduced 6 hours work day. You don’t have to do that, just keep the work day 8 hours, and don’t insist employees work during the weekends.

Even distribution of facilities

It’s a proven fact that uneven distribution of perks demotivates employees. Be it the bonus, an increment or convenient work hours, if the distribution is uneven, the deprived ones would wonder whether the company acknowledges their contributions. Eventually, they’d be less taken with the job, deliver poor quality work, and leave the company, lowering your rate of attrition.

Train your employees

Employers quickly reach to judgments and hold employees responsible for mistakes. The truth is, sometimes the reason behind errors is not mistakes made workers but their lack of exposure to a certain line of work, for which they need proper training. So, give your employees training before you expect a quality work from them. You may see they are performing better than before.

Drop positive feedback

Psychologists hold appreciation increases motivation. Many times, employers don’t leave a positive feedback, which makes it difficult for the employee to understand whether his works are apt in quality or whether they need improvement. Being an employer you should always leave a positive feedback.

Positive, in the context, doesn’t mean you have to appreciate the work even when it’s poor quality. It means keeping the tone appreciative and encourage the employee to improve. Don’t scold him or deride him because that’d cause him to lack motivation.

Don’t trust managers

Managers are often archetypal middlemen, who purposefully don’t let the CEO or the managing directors know how the workforce is doing. More often than not, they indulge in nepotism.

Double check everything that the manager is reporting. If you don’t have enough time for this, then at least converse with the employees once in a week for an hour or so. This will give you a better idea of the problems which employees are facing, and more importantly, whether the manager is conveying all these problems to you.

Racial and sexual discrimination

It’s hard to deny that racial and sexual discrimination takes place in the workplace. As a matter of fact, nearly 70% sexual harassments at the workplace are not even reported. As an employer, you need to make sure no such incident happens at your company.

For that, create a new HR policy and inform employees that any discrimination based on race and gender will be labeled as against the principles of the company. Aside from that, educate your employees about the harmful impacts of discrimination, and why it is bad for them too.

A better workplace

Making the resolutions is not enough. You need to stick to them too. Only then you can create a better workplace where employees, irrespective of gender and race, will get professional nourishment, and deliver the best quality of work.

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